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No two are alike except in the consistency of their natural beauty - explore our walnut tabletop slabs!

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We offer a tremendous selection of gourgeous walnut rifle and shotgun blanks to the custom gun entheusiast!

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Wineland Walnut was founded more than 35 years ago with the intention of creating and selling high-quality wood products. Along the way, we have not only honed our skills in preparing and handling the walnut products, but we have also refined our business and learned how to streamline the process to maximize our efficiency.

Scot and Trevor Wineland

Scot and Trevor WinelandWe pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers a large selection of turning blocks, gunstock blanks, lumber and large table-top-size slabs. Our inventory is such that you are afforded the freedom to select sizes, color, and figures that would best meet your needs. If you are planning to order by phone or email, please trust that our specialists have the ability to listen to your requests and hand select the best piece of wood. All orders fall under our quality guarantee!

We provide premier wood products for vendors ranging from individuals to large businesses. Whatever your need, you can be sure that we can be of assistance. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, give us a call at 530-345-4012.