Pricing Information


We sell all slabs and lumber (including turning blocks) by the universal board foot. Prices are dependent upon the color, figure, and amount of natural flaws that the particular piece contains which contributes to its originality and desirability. Very plain Claro Walnut can go as low as $5.00 a board foot. The most desirable, highly figured, pristine wood containing good color can be priced as high as $60.00 a board foot. It should be noted that the higher priced wood will result in a one-of-a kind, finished product more beautiful and original than can be imagined.

Gunstock Blanks

We sell shotgun and rifle blanks per piece, according to the grade and type of walnut wood you prefer to purchase. Each order is given our undivided attention, and each piece is hand selected according to your exact specifications. Due to the different qualities and unique figuring of each piece, we recommend that you call or email us to describe your specific desires relative to color, size, figure, and price range. You are also invited to come visit our facility to hand select the stock of your choice. Price can range from a $25.00 plain blank to $2,500.00 for an exhibition grade English Walnut blank.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you receive, we will gladly replace it as long as it remains in the condition that it was shipped to you. The exception to this would be in the case of an internal flaw in a shotgun or rifle blank. If a flaw found when the blank is being crafted, we will gladly replace it even after it has been worked on.

Shipping Time and Special Orders

We strive to ensure that our orders are delivered promptly. Typically your order will ship within 24 hours of receipt. Special orders may require a little additional time due to size, the labor needed to cut it to specific dimensions, or postal service requested by the customer.

Shipping Agencies

We use UPS or Reddaway trucking to ship our orders unless otherwise specified by the customer. When shipping an international or bulk order, we allow major carriers to bid on the cost of the order which allows us to obtain the best price for our customers.