Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Wineland Walnut

At Wineland Walnut we pride ourselves on maintaining an inventory in excess of 300 tons of walnut logs waiting to be milled, not to mention a large stock of all products dry and ready for immediate sale. We produce Claro Walnut lumber, turning blocks, large slabs, instrument material (guitar bodies, ukuleles), and gunstock blanks. We also keep an inventory of gunstocks and turning blocks made from English and Bastogne Walnut. Most of the wood that we use is harvested nearby thereby minimizing the cost of transportation and resulting in savings we can then pass on to our customers. All of the logs are brought to our yard and milled into slabs of varying thicknesses, lengths, and widths to keep up with customer demands. We are always updating our inventory in order to maintain a balance of all products in various stages of drying so that we are equipped to fill any order that comes our way.

Perfect Blend of Technology and Craftsmanship

Using a 7 foot wide by 20 foot long hydraulic chain mill, Scot Wineland slabs out the logs in our inventory. As we mill the lumber or slabs, the wood is waxed to prevent cracking, then stacked and stickered to minimize warping or twisting. The logs are then set on a level area and covered to start the drying process. Depending on the thickness of the slab, the drying time can range from one to five years if dried naturally. Every board is photographed and documented according to color, figure, and flaws. At Wineland Walnut, we air dry all of our products to keep the development of flaws during the drying process to a minimum and to help insure the highest quality products. Once our wood has been brought down to 18% moisture content, it is available for purchase. When it comes to gunstocks, our experts personally lay out each gunstock to maximize the color, figure, and grain of the wood being used. We have perfected the blend of technological advancements with good, old-fashioned hands on craftsmanship.

Custom milling is available for your special projects- from ¼ inch thick to 7 feet wide and every size in between. We are always interested in custom orders, so please don’t hesitate to call, discuss the project with us, and let us come up with a plan and a price point that will best fulfill your needs. Wineland Walnut has been producing high quality wood products for more than 38 years and are continually growing. When you do business with us, you will never have to deal with a middleman; we produce everything from the raw walnut logs to the milled lumber, slabs, gunstock blanks, and turning blocks.

Alters for peace George Nakashima, Mira Nakashima, and Scot Wineland
Alters for peace :
George Nakashima, Mira Nakashima, and Scot Wineland

World-Renowned Expertise

Thirty-eight years ago most Claro Walnut was cut up into gunstocks, or the logs were sent out for veneer. Scot Wineland, the founder and president of Wineland Walnut, believed that the beauty of the wood was so great that he would like to mill the logs into lumber and slabs to be used for furniture material. This was one of the reasons that George Nakashima started buying wood from us. It was also the reason that he had Scot mill a large Black Walnut from Long Island that was then used for the Alters for Peace. National Geographic filmed Scot sawing up the log in Philadelphia, PA in 1986. George Nakashima was later quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer saying that Scot “was one of the most knowledgeable persons dealing with walnut in the world.” After more than 38 years, Scot is still contributing the knowledge and experience that was trusted by George Nakashima.

When you decide to do business with Wineland Walnut you are not just purchasing exceptional wood products: you are buying trust. Trust in the fact that you are purchasing exceptional wood products; trust that the hands that are crafting your purchased wood are skilled and experienced; and trust that our prices are competitive. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, treating each product as if it were our own so that you receive a product with which you are completely satisfied.

We want to be your wood supplier. Call us at 530.345.4012 to discuss how we can help you with your next project!

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